Retail Solutions

Truevalue Marketing Services Private limited (TVM) has been serving a large customer base in the corporate Segment. The fact that TVM serves more than 18 crore cups per annum worldwide is a proof of how well our products have been accepted by consumers. With the objective to bring the great experience of having your beverage from office to your home, TVM has ventured into the retail business under the name of Granules and Beans (GnB). As a first step, we are present in leading stores such as Star Bazaar, Haiko, Neelam Foodland, Patel Store, Rajat Store, and Ratna Departmental etc., in Mumbai. Besides our online presence on Amazon,it empowers consumer from every nook and corner of the sub-continent to order our range of from the comfort of ones home.

Now you can have a taste of homemade tea whenever you are out of home. The GnB presents a range of premix products, which can be of the most favoured choice for you whenever you are:

The fact that our teas are prepared in utmost hygiene condition, with the best of ingredients and are untouched by human hands offers you a favourable choice over the traditional roadside tea. All you have to do is just add hot water and your favourite cup of beverage is ready. You have a wide array of products to choose from.

‚Äč Products are available on also available on
Amazon, Flipkart, PayTM, shopclues and snapdeal ecommerce portals.

Flavours currently available:
Cardamom, Coffee Latte, Ginger, Kashmiri Kawa, Lemon Grass Ginger, Masala chai, Masala Chai- No sugar and Saffron Cardamom

Variants launching soon:
Badam Milk, Dairy Whitener, Hot chocolate and Lemon Ice Tea etc.

Customised packs:
Pack with assorted flavours and Travel pack with assorted flavours for the ease while travelling.