Saffron Cardamom

Granules N Beans Cardamom saffron is a carefully crafted blend of milk, Assam tea extracts, premium sugar and natural ingredients. Saffron and Black Cardamom seeds are one of the most expensive spices in the world. While cardamom provides multiple health benefits for the body & skin, saffron is a natural mood lifter and has anti-depressants properties. Our proprietary encapsulation technology releases the flavour only when it comes in contact with hot water. The high solubility of the ingredients ensures a consistent & balanced taste and unique flavour. It works like a stress buster and gives you a touch of warm, smooth energizing feeling. Just CUT. STIR. SIP and enjoy a refreshing cup of instant tea.

Net Weight: 140gms (10 Sachet x 14gm = 140gms)
₹ 160

How to Make Refreshing Cup

Empty Content In Cup

Fill Cup With (25ml) Hot Water. Stir Well. Add Balance 75ml Hot Water

Taste the freshnes of Gnb Chai



Sugar, Dairy Whitener (Milk Solids), Maltodextrin, Chai Extract (INS 102/100) and Cardamom.

Ingredients Reconstitution:

Water, Sugar, Dairy Whitener (Milk Solids), Maltodextrin, Chai Extract (INS 102 / 100) and Cardamom.

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